Random Ideas

Hi-de-hi Peeps!

First thing: I’ve been watching Designated Survivor on Netflix and am loving it… will review when I finish it. (Which won’t be long!)

Second thing… you know I said my baby is nearly an adult, well I was thinking of making playlists of songs for her special birthdays/driving/special events…perhaps with YouTube music videos, would you be interested in seeing/hearing these playlists?

3rd: I’m gathering academic writing tips for the slightly terrifying Masters dissertation I have before me, I was thinking I could share them with you on here….?

Cuatro: My Smudge is getting old and frail but loves to be outside. Should I keep the silly old cat in where she’s safest or let her enjoy outside at the risk she may go off somewhere (or someone pick her up believing her to be an ill and frail stray, she is pretty tired looking, but is micro-chipped if she was taken to a vet to be looked over)…?? Pray for my sanity while I wait to see what happens, and for her not to suffer.

Fünf: We have recently had a clear out and done some painting, but now I have to make decisions; Some sentimental decor (like wall art from a close friend) is old and worn… Do I get rid or keep it somewhere (not where it was hanging before)? If so, do I then replace with new stuff or go with the ‘less is more’ thing.

Lastly, does any of this matter enough to keep me awake at night? No. Nor should it. Happy or sad, exciting or scary…you can’t predict it so try not to worry. Look after your mental health Peeps!

God bless,

Anna x


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