Saturday Chit-Chat

Yo Saturday Peeps!

How are you doing on this fine autumnal day?

First news…did you see my Instagram? I posted yesterday that the cat seems a bit better (Hooray!) she’s certainly got some sass back. I took laundry into the bedroom and she was laying on my side of the bed sat up like a sphinx and looking at me like I was something she trod in…nice to have her back 😉 LOL!

Secondly, I was watching Crafty Girl on YouTube and she did a gorgeous home decor video for fall. I loved it because we love autumn with the warm colours and such, but we don’t celebrate Halloween so the harvest theme would be perfect! Do you decorate for each season> I tend to do a deep clean and maybe swap around a couple of ornaments/pictures, but that’s about it. I’d love to try though.

3. This week coming is the week I’ve been waiting for! I start my Masters this Thursday!! EEEEK! So many thoughts, feelings, things to do… just aaaaahhhh! Every emotion is mixed in here somewhere but mostly excitement. I will keep you blog peeps posted. 🙂 Also, my mum is coming later to cut n colour my hair so I don’t look like I’ve just escaped from the zoo when I go meet these professionals… thanks Mum!

Lastly, I have some very exciting Christmas news to come this week, so stay tuned!

Have a great weekend Peeps!

Anna x


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