Amusing Myself

Howdy Peeps!

I spent Sunday evening at the computer reading through modules and such…so I put some tunes on YouTube while I worked… Disney features heavily in my history and recommended.

I see more and more modern Disney appear…and I like it! I protested Beauty and the Beast, (until I knew it was Dan Stevens!!) and was worried for Will Smith’s career (but he smashed the genie role). I really didn’t want to watch Mary Poppins Returns, but LOVED it! I wasn’t sure about Moana because of the cultural controversy at the time of release, but they did it really well…. you can see the theme, yeah?

Speaking of Moana, there’s a scene in the song “You’re Welcome” (with some very clever 2D-style animation) with a happy dancing monster… (on the right; grinning and bopping away)


Having sung along happily (and largely out of key) with Disney heroes and princesses, I decided I have most in common with the care-free dancing monster…and then had a good laugh to myself for thinking it! 😀

Do you ever do that? Make yourself laugh I mean (not comparing yourself to a dancing animated monster!) I’d love to hear who you compare yourself to in the animated world.

Have a great Monday!
Anna x


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