Let Me Tell You A Story…

Morning Blog Peeps!

You know how I was poorly last week?…Well……..

My head-cold had practically gone, but Wednesday I had really bad sinus pain (on the right side). This also came with a sensitive tooth in a similar part of my face. I had a rough night that night, using paracetamol, hot water bottle and sofa cushions to get me through the night!

Thursday I had an important meeting (we’ll get to that in another blog) so I dosed myself up on Sudafed, Deep Heat and sensitive toothpaste. I know, so glam!

I rang dentist to see if they could help, but said no as didn’t want to risk contaminating the root. They rang me back later on and said they had consulted another dentist and would see me.

So I sat and waited for like half an hour in the dentist’s waiting room. My nose started running so I grabbed a tissue… it was blood.

I had a nosebleed in the busy dental reception!

I sat with tissues (thank you nice receptionist) and waited…and waited… decided it wasn’t a good idea to see dentist if I couldn’t breathe through my nose while she worked and I left.

I drove home (whilst holding tissues to my face and sat and waited for it to stop.

I had the worst nosebleed of my life…in public! Then afterwards, I had obviously relieved some pressure in sinus area because the pain subsided and I’ve been fine since. 🙂

Happy ending to my bizarre Thursday. Sorry I didn’t blog yesterday but dealing with this on Thursday made me behind with my uni reading for yesterday’s lecture (so guess what I did with my blog time Friday morning…?)

Have a good one peeps…laters!

Anna x


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