Feeling Guilty…

Morning, Monday Peeps!

Christmas is a mere 12 weeks away (on Wednesday) and, of course, I’ve been shopping.

B&M and Morrison’s are already bringing their A-game (which I very much appreciate).

The thing is… I bought myself a Christmas present.I know calendars are a gift people often buy or make and, in the past, I’ve even requested them as presents (and Mr.B has lovingly searched high and low for the right type).

You can find it (and other designs) here.

I’m a planner and I like to be ahead (currently up to Remembrance week in my planner already…new spreads will be blogged soon). I think I’m even further ahead than usual now I have a planner and a much busier schedule.

For example, We all go back to school on different dates in January (last year was all the same date, so I could remember) and have assignments due/exams etc.

Anyhoo, I bought a calendar because I need to write on it before Xmas.

They still make great presents and are awesome for the price…just keep B&M in mind if you need some great value gifts (like calendars), I really love my cute calendar.

Laters Peeps, have a good one!

Anna x


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