Diet and Exercise

Helloooooooo Peeps!

I’ve been getting kinda frustrated because that sinus infection I had has stopped me exercising (you sorta have to be able to breathe to exercise) but they changed my meds on Friday and I can actually breathe now! (Hooray!)

So I’m starting to turn my attention towards healthy living again.

I need to walk more because I spend like 2 whole days in the car and lecture theatres now instead of walking to and from the shop I worked at. I also need to pick up my LWR fitness again (Lucy’s videos are on YouTube if you’re interested).

Food-wise, I’ve always worked best with low GI. A friend of mine has lost a lot of weight recently doing Keto, so I looked it up. The Daniel Plan, natural eating and Keto diets all have a lot of common factors; basically no junk and no white carbs. So we’ll go with that and keep you posted.

It’s just over 11 weeks until Christmas, so it’s perfectly reasonable to lose a stone by then (14lbs/6.35kgs). So I have a plan and a reasonable, time-bound goal…let’s do this!

If you ave any tips, snack ideas etc then please share.

Have a great day!

Anna x


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