When Did I Get This Old?

Morning Peeps! 👋

I was having a lovely chat with the teenager this morning when I realised that these ‘normal’ conversations mean I’m really old! (Okay, I’m not because I was young when I had her, but I feel very old!)

Our daily conversation involves her college application/university choices, course she’ll be doing this time next year, travel she wants to do, where she wants to live….you get the idea.

I love that she’s excited and will have adventures, I’m not wishing for her to still be small because I enjoy this stage.

But… I am not ready. I mean sure I’ll miss her and such but I think it’s more that I’m not ready to be ‘middle-aged college mum with empty nest’.

It’s weird. I’m not sad or scared (more than normal for a mother letting her baby out alone) I’m really excited for her, but I feel a lot older all of the sudden.

Anyone out there who can relate?

God bless you if you are a student or parent going through this application process!

Anna x


2 thoughts on “When Did I Get This Old?

  1. my daughters quite wicked – she’s 22, and loves telling me she’s old, just because she knows that will make me feel old 😀 😀 :D. We couldn’t wait for her to leave home, so we moved out and left her there! but then it’s only a few doors away, so i’m lucky I do get to see her regularly (sometimes more regularly than we would like!)

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