Halfway PMA

Morning Peeps!

I was thinking about the fact that it’s almost half term holidays here (woohoo!) and that means we’ve made it through the first half of an intense Autumn term with all of us studying like mad. (Halfway through this term means it’s also half way to Christmas!! YAY!)

I could feel down about not achieving everything I wanted to by now, but instead I choose PMA. So taking the glass-half-full approach:

  • Painting our home is over half done.
  • I’ve exercised half of this week.
  • I’ve almost finished work for the week.
  • I survived half a term of Master’s Degree work (and am starting to believe I might actually know what I’m doing!)
  • I’m about halfway through my craft and stationery sorting (no mean feat I can tell you!…I have a problem.)
  • I’m over halfway through the laundry! (A small miracle in itself.)

There are a hundred little annoyances and worries, but eventually they’ll all get dealt with. Time to focus on the important stuff and enjoy the sunshine.

Have a good one peeps!

Anna x


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