Random Updates and Weird News

Hey Peeps!

Well, that was interesting….

Sorry I haven’t been here for a couple of days, but I was busy unpacking from our holiday. We had a lovely time in Mullion (as you probably saw from my last post) even though we were at the Park Dean resort on the news.

If you saw the news, 90 people at the park got sick from Norovirus. It was not from the park or related to the food/facilities, but the park has had to close to stop the spread of the virus.

We were fine and it only really affected us on Thursday night when the facilities were closed while Environmental Health checked it out. We went to a gorgeous local pub for dinner, so it was all good.

I feel so bad for the sick people, especially the children. There are people who have had their holiday cancelled/moved/refunded. Park Dean and many local companies will lose trade this week coming and that will be hard on them.

The staff were amazing. They were working late, early the next day, dealing with complaints and directing people to local shops and restaurants. They had such horrible reviews in the press but we found them friendly, cheerful and helpful. Please be kind to them!

Rant over, I have a couple of other things to tell you;

We have made progress with the decorating, our finances and somehow I even lost 1lb while on holiday (my body makes no sense).

We are back to normal this week, so you can expect the usual flow of random blog posts…including my latest planner spread (which is full of winter animals for the 1st week of December)!

I’ll see you tomorrow (probably before going to the dentist as I doubt I’ll feel chatty afterwards…wish me luck!)

Enjoy your Sunday

Anna x


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