Fighting Fit

Morning Peeps!

Happy Monday/Inset day/half term…whichever applies to you.

I felt cold and a bit run down last night but I was determined to get up and exercise today.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know I get distracted easily and don’t like to be stuck in the same place for long. So I was thrilled when I saw Lucy Wyndham-Read had released a new full body workout video!

I know I’ve raved about Lucy before, so I won’t again but it’s straightforward, time efficient and gets results.

I have lost 2lb since coming home from holiday.

Just in case you cam’t find Lucy on Youtube, here’s her video:

I’m going to try to focus on moving more and lessening my sugar intake, not super strict but I am mindful of my teeth and the fast-approaching Christmas season, so the less sugar now the better.

Enjoy your day peeps!

Anna x


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