Am Emotional Day

Howdy Peeps

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but it was kinda crazy here;

My father in law was poorly, we had unexpected financial news (not the good kind) and I took the cat to the vets fully believing she was going to be put to sleep.

As it turns out; my father in law is recovering, we had some good financial news (that almost paid for the other, so we’re no worse off) and the cat is still with us for now.

The vet said she’s too old to pull about with scans and blood tests and sedation, but has given us 7-10 days of a different medication to see if it helps- To give her a last chance.

So last night I had to get a tablet and her usual liquid medication down her… she wasn’t happy but seems much perkier now and has even ventured out for 5 minutes this morning! We remain realistically hopeful.

So I’m sorry I didn’t blog, but sometimes you just have to know your limits.. and yesterday mine were reached by about 11am.

Thank God that today is a new day with new mercies and grace.

Have a good day!

Anna x


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