Happy All Hallows Eve

Afternoon Peeps!

It’s Halloween and that means different things to different people. I don’t celebrate it for religious reasons, but wish those who do a safe and happy one.

More and more people here are choosing not to because there has been a rise over the last couple of years in the number of idiots taking advantage of it to scare young children and vulnerable adults by dressing as killer clowns and carrying real knives! Like I said, stay safe.

Interestingly, it’s only really the eve of All Saints Day tomorrow… I think it’s sad we don’t acknowledge that. I have been met with some weird looks when wishing people a happy All Saints Day in previous years…. try it and see.

Anyhooo, because I don’t celebrate Halloween, I am now in full Christmas mode (Andy Williams is playing as I type this).

A few weeks ago I showed you some cute birdies in B&M.. they’ve now ousted all the garden stuff and added more Christmas stock, so there are different cute birdies….

The only question now is which one to buy….?

Then this morning I went to Sainsbury’s for cat food…. she’s doing ok- thanks for the well-wishes- I’ll keep you posted. (Getting 2 tablets a day into her has certainly been ‘interesting’!)

I always have a look at the deals and I came across their new bottle bags and was seriously impressed! (I rarely give booze as a gift but I like the tall bags for other gifts…

The robins, checked and 2 red bags at the top are similar to last year’s but the penguins and the mittens are brand new…and I LOVE them!! (Also, all only £1.50!)

Lots of cute designs and are the same (or compliment) the bags in other sizes and shapes.

Just thought I’d share.

Enjoy your day!

Anna x


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