An Interesting Month

Happy All Saints Day Peeps!

It’s November 😱

Always makes me laugh…although I can’t compute not feeling Christmassy!

Strange as it may seem it is actually November. November’s a big month for us in lots of ways, not least our daughter’s mock exams!

Despite the stress she’s under, she went into school telling her friends 54 days and singing Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath the Tree” …. I’m so proud!

We have my grandpa’s special birthday on bonfire night, so it’ll be lovely to have a big family get-together. Then 2 weeks of mock exams, with a visit to her preferred college in the middle!!

Most excitingly, we are going to the West End!! At the end of November my daughter and I are going to see HAMILTON!!! (It’s her Christmas present, but it was only running to 30th November so she gets an early present!)

There are uni lectures, birthdays, our 4-year house anniversary, Christmas preparations and a dozen little appointments/jobs and such….and of course, planner themes to create and blog posts to write. 🙂

Thankfully, I like being busy. What does your November look like?

Have a great day!

Anna x


3 thoughts on “An Interesting Month

    1. Never too late to start make a list of who, prioritize it (by postage or visit date, by closeness-immediate family first, or by age- youngest first), then go look for ideas within your budget x


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