The Old Pine Table

Morning Peeps!

2 weeks today is Christmas Eve!!

We are in full preparation mode now!

We have been discussing whether to replace or cover our tired dining chairs for Christmas (or just accept it and deal with it next year) and we were talking about how old our table is and the memories we have around it… Then we started talking about our childhood memories of Christmas and other special occasions when we were young.

It’s especially poignant this year as Mr.B has lost a very close auntie, My grandma went in June and our last cat went recently.

When I was little my mum had a chunky pine table and Welsh dresser set, which had all my my early birthday and Christmas memories attached to it. I was kinda miffed as a teenager when my parents bought the ‘posh’ one for the new house, but that was 20-something years ago and now we have lots of nice memories around that table, like all my daughter’s Christmases!

Our less-posh table (budget, self-assembly, veneered thing from Argos) is about 10 years old now!! It’s pretty tired, but we’ve had good times around that too… Christmases, birthdays, Baptisms, fundraising coffee mornings, visiting friends/family and their small people and my teaching.

So whether your table is new or old, expensive or cheap; make memories around it and cherish them.

Have a great day peeps!

Anna x


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