Remember Remember the 5th of November…

Morning peeps!

Happy bonfire night to those who celebrate it.

Burning down parliament would have been a horrible thing to do (although some politicians make it much easier to sympathise with Guy Fawkes) but I always felt a bit uncomfortable with the burning of ‘Guy’ scarecrows on the bonfires. I believe the tradition was started by authorities to remind us not to go against them, but I think it turned Fawkes into a martyr-type celebrity… I guess there’s a lesson in that!

Happily most people here don’t bother with that and we get fireworks that are on par with the new year ones! Love that!

Much more importantly, my lovely grandpa has a very special birthday today and we are going to go and celebrate with him later.

He’s still a brilliant builder and handyman (although he’s been retired for a fair amount of time, he still ‘potters’)… I don’t know anyone with carpentry skills like his.

It will be lovely to see my whole family (there’s literally like 30-something of us on that side) and catching up with people I haven’t seen for months or even years….I can’t wait!

I hope you have a happy day whatever you do!

Anna x


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