November Planning Part 2

Howdy Monday Peeps!

Sorry for the late start but my knackered old car had to go visit the nice man in the garage.

A week or 2 ago I showed you my planner spreads for bonfire night and today’s poppy theme.


However, there are 2 more weeks this month…

The week ahead is classic car themed (in honour of my grandpa – last week’s birthday boy- who is a bit of a petrolhead)

(Excuse the reindeer…he’s covering private info)

Then the last week of this month celebrates a different 80-year-old; The Wizard of Oz!

King of the forest song always been my fave, I was so happy to find that picture!

One of my favourite films (I have dressed as dorothy more than once in my life….I miss those shoes!)… and it has the bonus of some good red and green icons to roll us into December. (Get me planning culturally relevant and festive themes…lol total accident of course.)

Are you a classic car or Wizard of Oz fan??

Have a great day!

Anna x

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