Yo Peeps! 6 weeks to go!!

We’ve been in our house 4 years today!! I can’t quite believe where the time has gone or how blessed we’ve been to live in this beautiful part of Cornwall.

Many of you know we had to put our cat to sleep yesterday (I know you know because I had lots of lovely messages on Instagram and Facebook). It made me reflect on those we’ve said goodbye to this year and over the other 3 years we’ve been here. That sounds kinda morbid but it really isn’t, I have lots of happy memories of those who are no longer with us.

I have lots of happy memories and nice things that have happened since we’ve lived here… there have been lots of babies born into our families and friends’ families, we paid off all our debts, we made loads of new friends and worked with some fabulous people who have become more like family!

There are big things to come in the next 4 years too, so come along with me and enjoy the ride!

Thanks for being here,

God bless.

Anna x


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