In My Humble Opinion…

Morning Festive Peeps!

First of all, Congrats to all involved in the BBC Children in Need fundraiser last night…the amazing British public gathered £47.9 Million!!! Just wow!

Secondly, I keep having discussions with people about the John Lewis Christmas adverts, so I thought I’d give you my rankings.. the dragon is cute but still not my favourite.

Fair warning; there are 13 of them, so this may take half an hour for you to watch them all but you need to watch at least the top 8…so grab a hot drink and get comfy!

13th place: “Know the Person” 2008

It’s nice, but not wildly different…Boots could have done it.

12th Place: “The Journey” 2012

This was their first epic production and blew a lot of people away. I find the idea of moving snowmen a bit creepy, so just as a personal thing it comes waaaaay down my list. This is the first year of John Lewis adverts producing chart music…I do love this version of “The Power of Love”.

11th Place: “Your Song” 2010

Elton John music, hiding thoughtful presents …they were onto something

10th Place: Moz the Monster 2017

I was really unsure when I first saw it because the shortened version makes it look like the parents got rid of the monster, but the full version is lovely.

9th Place: “The Bear and the Hare” 2013

A beautiful concept and I know a lot of people (my daughter included) would put it way up their list…but I grew up in the 80’s and Watership Down happened…when Hare thinks he’s not coming….just no: too sad.

8th Place: “Shadow” The one that started it all in 2007

Just sooooo clever and way ahead of other ads at the time.

7th place: “Man on the Moon” 2015

So sad and so beautiful…lovely they actually did something about loneliness and partnered with Age UK to support the elderly. (There are parodies of all these ads on YouTube…don’t watch them if you want to keep the magic intact… but this was definitely the best parody too.)

6th place: “The Boy and the Piano” 2018

Elton John (again) and cute kids and a heart-warming story (better because it is true) so it was much better than Moz the year before… it was a convenient plug for the Rocket Man film though and I don’t know if that commercialism takes away from the story a bit…otherwise it might be No.5

5th place: “Sweet Child o’ Mine” 2009

I love this! Kids acting grown-up and adults having the happiness of children…it says Christmas to me!! Very underrated.

4th Place: “Buster the Boxer” 2016

The joy of that dog is amazing… I honestly debated that this should be 3rd. We’d all love to think we’re elegant foxes, but relate more to the hedgehog ❤

3rd Place: “Edgar the Dragon” 2019… This year’s extravaganza!

Love dragons generally…and old world villages…and Christmas pud. It has to be good to be above Buster (who was my 3rd from the day I saw it until now).

2nd place: “The Long Wait” 2011

This was the advert that mad me a John Lewis fan. Such a beautiful concept and such a talented young man. Captures the joy of giving.

1st Place: “Monty the Penguin” 2014

You probably knew this was coming: Animals, kids, romance, giving….Christmas in a feathered nutshell. I could watch it a thousand times more.

So we’ve learned that they’re consistently good, possibly getting better (2 of my top 4 were in the last couple of years). We’ve also learned that my 80’s childhood perhaps traumatised me (with Daleks that move like snowmen and depressed rabbits) but it gave me a real appreciation of Elton John’s music!

Most of all we’ve seen that I love kids, animals and Christmas…but I guess you knew that already!!

have a good weekend!

Anna x


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