What Are They Trying To Do To Me??!!

Howdy Peeps!

The BBC have totally upped their game!

Firstly, Strictly!

If you read my Christmas HQ blog then you’ll know I’m a big strictly come dancing fan. The standard has been soooooooooooooo high this year! I’m sad Michelle went home, but if someone with 30-something out of 40 every week can go home just past half way, it kinda gives an idea of the talent level! Also…Anton! I could have cried…he is Mr Strictly!

Secondly; His Dark Materials (after Strictly on a Sunday) has been amazing! The young actors and actresses are astounding, the animals are spectacular and the plot is interesting. If you’ve seen it let me know if you think the little girl looks like the girl from Harry Hill’s Professor Brainstawm??

This morning I watched War of the Worlds (first episode was on at the weekend) and I LOVE IT! I’ve always loved the book and seen loads of film/TV versions (including one with a huge budget, a certain Mr Cruise and a very young Dakota Fanning)… I still like this one best! The BBC have used some serious budget and a stellar cast! A particular joy to see Robert Carlyle; everything he touches seems to be entertainment gold (pun intended for the Once Upon A Time fans out there). I can’t wait for the next episode!!

If you’ve missed them, they’re all available on BBC iPlayer and there is a special section of the BBC’s website and YouTube channel for Strictly highlights!


Anna x

2 thoughts on “What Are They Trying To Do To Me??!!

  1. I loved the first episode of War of the Worlds, I can’t wait for this week’s episode :). Also want to watch His Dark Materials, enjoyed the books, and the film, we’re hoping to do watch them all over Christmas 🙂

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