My Baby Is All Grown Up!

Morning Peeps!

Anyone out there with exam kids?

I took my baby girl to her college open day yesterday!

We’re in the midst of mock exams, college applications and real-world changes. The college was great by the way, definitely has the courses she wants/needs.

She received her NI number in the post this morning (for those not in the UK this is your tax and pension number that goes with you to every adult job, determines the day of the week you would get pension (or state benefits if you ever needed them). It basically means you’re an adult in the UK!!!

She will always be my baby but I guess her upcoming birthday will make her a grown-up!

Just thought I’d share my excitement/hysteria/confusion/pride…. anyone in the same boat?

Have a great day!

Anna x


2 thoughts on “My Baby Is All Grown Up!

  1. how lovely :). mine’s 22 (nearly 23) and last year she became a fully independent, living on her own, person, I have to say, we only live a few doors from each other, so we sill see each other regularly, but i was soooo GLAD to not be living with her anymore 😀 don’t have to worry about her mess, moods etc etc. I do remember explaining her NI to her, and how I felt then years had gone too fast.

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