A Night In London

Morning peeps!

Hamilton was awesome…in fact, awesome isn’t a good enough word; astounding, incredible, stellar….I could go on, but I’ll save that for another blog.

Just to say we’ve had an amazing time here and the people aren’t as rude and gruff as they’re made out to be (but it is true that taxi cab drivers don’t stop…even when they’re in the wrong!)

We’ve had great food, brilliant entertainment and have fallen in love with the Victoria area of London.

Our cheap hotel is friendly and, although basic, offers more than we thought (like soap, towels and tea/coffee.

So here are just a few pics to keep you going until my Hamilton review:

Guess which station we arrived at šŸ˜‰
A small part of hyde park

Catch ya later peeps (after 5 hours of travel)

Anna x


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