Happy December!

Gooooooooooooood Mornin’ Festive Peeps!

It’s finally here! November has gone (with its nice bits, like Hamilton and my Grandpa’s birthday, and it’s not-so-nice bits) so now we are in full Christmas mode! 🙂

Honestly, I don’t remember a time when I was this late decorating, but last weekend I was in London 😉 My daughter is as Christmas mad as I am, but she did say this was a rare opportunity to be extra-festive by decorating on the first day of December, especially as her advent calendar starts today and she has a new Christmas jumper to wear! 🙂 Unlikely we will decorate on the first if it’s a weekday.

Also, the world seems to be talking Christmas… Sky has won the advert battle hands down. So if you’re 30+ and remember seeing E.T. it doesn’t get better than this

I was never gonna cope with this…I cried for days when I first saw the film… feel free to blub (I did!). FYI that middle-aged man is actually Elliot!

While we’re being festive and emotional…have you seen Robbie’s Christmas video “Time for a Change” ?? Just Wow!

So if you’re all feeling suitably festive, I’m off to make snowflakes with Sunday School and put my trees up!

Catch ya later Jingle Peeps!

Anna x


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