I May Have Over-Done It…

Morning peeps!

Continuing the Christmassy theme, I think I went a bit bonkers with my planner theme for Christmas week…

The problem is I have these gorgeous stickers from Ashley K on Etsy in 2 very different designs…. and all the leftovers from my other 3 December spreads…. I figured Christmas week is quiet (work-wise) so I could use up more space in planner boxes, so I did.

I have also added my gold and silver pens, both reindeer clips and fairy light tassel….because Christmas isn’t the time for understated minimalism, right?

If you want to make your own, the lightbulb charms are from the works, the red reindeer and ribbon were from different pound stores and they are just attached to large paperclips.

The ribbon tying is a bit fiddly, you put middle of ribbon across front of the clip and tuck both ends through from behind, between the ribbon and the top of the clip, to knot it around the top. (I just slid the reindeer onto the clip first). There’s a great demo video on Crafty Girl’s YouTube channel (under planner stuff as hers aren’t festive ones).

The cute embroidered reindeer was from Plannerhead on Etsy… could seriously lose a day looking through her clips and page flags!! (Also, I like that her pic is the old help paperclip from the old pc word documents. 😁)

So I hope you’ve enjoyed the Christmas explosion my head produced… I make no apologies for it and yes, I do know it makes me look crazy…. I’m ok with that. 😉

Have a good one peeps!

Anna x


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