PMA on the Internet….

Hello Peeps!

After today there are only 2 weekends before Christmas!!!

Whether you celebrate and enjoy Christmas, or not, it’s a time of year when a lot of people need an extra reminder to stay calm and positive.

People often complain about the dark and depressing elements of the internet, but there are some lovely things too, so I thought I’d share some I’ve seen this week:

Firstly, there’s these Illustrated Good News items on Bored Panda. They are adorable and raise some really good points, especially about the environment. 🙂

These things are some random bits I found on Facebook that made me smile:

Funny and a good attitude
Saw this outside our local bookshop…I love them!
My daughter;s idea of Heaven
This amazing man will be 94 on Friday and has the best attitude! ❤
Good advice
Sound advice and an adorable picture (we watched it yesterday and completely love Max)!

Beyond Bored Panda and Facebook (that both have positive/good news pages) we have YouTube.

You know I’ve been watching Michael McIntyre’s Christmas stand-up for over a month now, but yesterday I was recommended a little clip from David Mitchell.. there are a couple of swear-words/inappropriate jokes in it (you have been warned) but decided to share it because I love the idea of Christmas-land… I am a fully paid-up member of the reindeer loving, crazy population!

On the flip-side, this is probably the most family-friendly video ever! It’s a good few years since this happened and, as a huge fan of all 3 of them since the very start of their careers, I’ve watched this dozens of times…but it still makes me smile so much my face hurts! Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Ant, Dec and Robbie….Enjoy!

Love Dec’s Lulu impression!! ❤

Have a happy day my lovelies, don’t forget to stop and enjoy the season.

Anna x


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