13th December…

Howdy Peeps!

Lots of news today…

Firstly, we’re half way through our advent calendars and only a week away from the school holidays!! It must be nearly Christmas!!!!!!

Secondly, We still have the same Prime Minister, so everyone can go back to normal and get on with the more interesting things in life now.

Thirdly, and IMO much more interestingly, the legend that is Dick Van Dyke is 94 today! Just WOW! I assume you’ve all seen Mary Poppins Returns, but if not please go and watch him dance…immediately!

(also, playing Colin Firth’s uncle…LOL and Wow in equal measures!)

The man is incredible and children in films like Mary Poppins and Chitty, have often said in interviews (as adults) that he was always concerned about their welfare…he always does above and beyond. Those young actors had more breaks than the law required, he made sure they still did their school work and got nice food. The man is simply a hero and a big part of most people’s childhoods, so I just thought he was worth celebrating….God bless him!

Have a Fab Friday!!

Anna x

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