Final Day

Howdy Christmas peeps!

It’s getting real now! Christmas is almost upon us 😁😍🎄🎅🏻🦌🎁☃️

It’s the last day of uni today, the strictly finals and I’ve just had my Christmas milk order form!

Strictly has caused a stir this year; Kelvin and Oti totally deserve to win as they have been awesome every single week.

The bookies even stopped taking bets on them winning earlier this week because they were so likely to win.

Karim and Amy also deserve a place in the final. They’ve been so entertaining and he’s such a lovely boy.

Then there’s Anton and Emma…I think the whole country cried when Anton did: 15 years he’s waited and now he’s in the final. No doubt he’s the favourite professional dancer and rightly claims the title Mr. Strictly. However, the prospect of him winning has caused some controversy.

Firstly, his fans are concerned that if he wins he would take the opportunity to retire on a high point. He has already been doing a spot of presenting.

Secondly, people are supposed to vote for the celebrity not the professional a nd Emma is lovely, but not the strongest finalist.

We love Anton and hope this nonsense doesn’t tinge his happiness. If he retires after this season then we will miss him but wish him every success in ventures new.

Our votes will almost certainly go to Kelvin and Oti because he’s the best celebrity dancer… possibly of any season ever!

Well I guess we’ll know later….

Enjoy your Saturday peeps!

Anna x


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