More lasts and significant days

Howdy peeps!

It’s sunday! 22 years ago I gave my life to Jesus… so I guess it’s my spiritual birthday 😊

It’s also my last sunday school session of the year because next week is family service and the week after is holidays (works a bit differently when school’s out, but I’m not on rota that week).

It’s also my first chance to meet the new youth worker… v exciting!! 😊 And it’s the carol service this evening!

It’s my last Sunday this year prepping for Monday teaching and my daughter going to school. In fact, it’s her last Christmas at school!😮

It’s the last ‘normal’ weekend before christmas… time to get non perishable food and stock up the boring stuff (loo roll, pain killers etc).

Christmas is basically here!!

It seems all exciting and festive to me, but I know it’s bad weather in some parts so please stay safe out there!

God bless,

Anna x


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