Christmas watch

Yo peeps!

1 week to go!!!! Christmas Eve is possibly my favourite day… just home; cooking, prepping and watching movies (with a sickening amount of hot chocolate and snacks).

There are a few things to look out for in the last minute shopping:

  1. Lots of small towns (including us in Bude) are offering free parking this weekend and many small businesses are having sales to compete with the big stores. So grab a bargain and support your local traders where possible.
  2. Be nice to stressed out out sales people and services. They’re not on holiday.
  3. Tomorrow (18th) is last day for guaranteed delivery of post to western Europe and Second Class UK Mail (!st class is Friday)…so get posting!
  4. Get your fresh stuff in! Before the crazy starts, get as much fresh stuff as you can (I know some has to wait, but most will be OK with only a week to go…don’t forget you can freeze a lot of meat and dairy produce). I’ve ordered my milk, eggs, potatoes and fresh Juice from the local dairy and bought my meat, frozen sides and some cheeses from Sainsbury’s (and a few store cupboard things from Morrison’s). Sainsbury’s have some very cute shaped cheeses at the moment:

Have fun, be extra nice to people and let me know if you spot a bargain!

Right… I’m off to my last day of work!!! 🙂

Anna x


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