Happy Christmas Eve!!

Hello Festive Peeps! Happy Christmas Eve/ Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends!

Starting as we mean to go on, I already have Christmas music on Pirate Christmas. πŸ™‚

My house looks and smells as festive as it gets… my trees are the only lights in the room and it smells of apple braised cabbage.

I shared the red cabbage pic on social media last night and was asked for the recipe; it’s from AllRecipes.com but I shared it on the blog before, you can find it here.

My daughter is going to make me a Chocolate Yule Log (which you’ll know if you read the whole post the red cabbage recipe was in) and she really doesn’t need my help, So, I will be making reindeer cookies… just basic sugar cookies but my mum bought me a rolling pin that prints reindeer shapes into the dough…very excited to try that! (Thanks mum!) We also have some chocolate moulds to make Christmas shapes.

There’s some last-minute cleaning to do and traditions to be upheld, like hot chocolate with ‘the works’ and not putting a single present under the tree until it’s dark tonight. πŸ™‚

If you have small children (or act like them) you may want to go and track Santa for facts, games and to see when the big guy will be delivering near you! (I totally have the tab open already and no, we don’t have young children.. LOL)

This evening before bed I will put the gammon joint in the slow cooker so it has plenty of time to cook on low so it will just melt apart when it’s shredded tomorrow… recipe can be found here, I highly recommend it as the meat-eaters in my family are obsessed..

A quick ‘Thank you’ to all those people working today in medical services, retail, delivery… we appreciate it.

Have a lovely Christmas Eve, whatever you’re doing.

God bless,

Anna x


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