A Review of the Year

Happy New Year Peeps! (and new decade for that matter!)

2019 was crazy, there were real highs and real lows.

One of the biggest highs of the year is that we smashed my goal of 500 followers!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! There are currently 603 of you and every one of you is awesome!

You’ve been with me through some lovely high points and were very supportive through the worst parts; my grandma and my cat both passed away, and someone driving into my car and writing it off… none of which I want to experience again, but the supportive comments I got really helped- thank you.

Thankfully, there were a lot of high points, so here are a few of the best bits of my 2019:

  • Seeing Hamilton in the West End with my daughter was definitely my favourite memory of the year, I highly recommend it! (Review here is you’re interested.)
  • Staying on the entertainment theme, Aladdin was a lot better than I expected, I may even go as far as to say I prefer it to the animated one. (Again, a full review is available here.)
  • We all started studying! The teenager is in her last year of school and doing well. (How are we this old??) Mr.B left his job and went back to full time education to get his Law degree. I looked into getting my Masters in Education (thinking I’ll do it 2021) and one tentative enquiry later, I was offered a place this school year! It was a big decision, but things fell into place and I’m loving the course.
  • A cousin and a friend of ours got married, (2 weddings, not to each other) and another cousin had a gorgeous baby girl (and yet another cousin booked her wedding for this year). There were also some milestone birthdays for several family members and friends.

Overall, It was mostly a good year, with some hard bits. I hope for an even better one this year. How was your 2019? Do you have any exciting plans this year? God bless you whatever you do.

Anna x


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