The Last Hurrah!

Morning Peeps!

This is the last day of holiday for us but also the first day of normal stuff.

We have friends coming today, which is lovely because I don’t think we’ve all seen each other since the summer holidays, I’ve left the Christmas lights and such up for the kids and there’s plenty of food left to eat!

Weirdly though it’s a kinda regular day…bills need paying, milk and bin collection are back to normal, as is the post- which is awesome because I’m expecting planner stuff! (I’ll show you when it comes.)

The teenager has a blood test (which means she’ll have to be up and ready to go early, for the 1st time since Christmas) and at some point, we will start un-decorating the house.

(Also have the small matter of 3 essays due this month! EEK!)

Normal service has now resumed. Have a great day, whatever you’re doing.

Anna x


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