Planner 2020

Hello Wednesday peeps!

So you’ve all met my planner before yeah? Blue faux leather, A5, 6 rings, answers to the name of ‘my life saver’

Well I figured she needed a makeover for new year, starting with removing half dead sheets and loyalty cards (and other junk) from the front pockets.

I took out one section entirely, merged others and replaced my homemade card dividers with sturdy plastic ones.

As you can see, they are slightly see-through but hold post-its and stuck on envelopes really well.

I got an Etsy gift card for Christmas (thanks mum) and went to town on planner stuff like page markers, blank weekly sheets and the coloured boxes I used for my divider names (as well as many, many stickers).

A highlight for me is my new set of planner clips from Plannerhead (you all met the cute reindeer in December). I bought a dinosaur (because it’s me #JPfan) and some loved up bunnies; good for valentine’s day, Easter and anniversaries.

As you can see they are adorable and beautifully wrapped (and yes I did tell Mr B he is one of those bunnies 😉)

So I’ve done all my planner themes for January, but won’t post them all right now as some are connected to special dates (so watch this space) but I’ll leave you with this one…

I foolishly thought It would be cold and wintry in January, rather than just wet

Have a great day, my planner and I will be back soon!

Anna x


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