Random Chat

Yo Peeps!

My brain is full of random stuff, so I’m just gonna dump it here…feel free to read it 😉

Firstly, there are half a dozen big charities fundraising on Facebook to help Families and animals in Australia, please donate if you can…possibly the most important thing today.

Secondly, I LOVE Cornwall… most of the world are talking about either Iran or Harry & Meghan, Pirate FM spent time talking about what makes Cornwall unique and how our bin and recycling collections will change because the council have changed contractors…..LOL! 😀 I wouldn’t say it’s a slower pace of life down here but….

Thirdly, it was 4 years ago today our daughter got baptised, I have photos of her and her friends from that day (in their early teens) and they are sooooooo different now! I don’t know how we thought they looked grown up then!?

Fourth, a serious point: I’m aware of a lot of people struggling to conceive, having premature births or have missing young people in their family/friend circle… I want them to know I am praying and sharing posts on social media when requested and offering practical help where I can…. please do the same.

Lastly, I should totally be doing some work towards my Master’s essays, so I’m gonna get on that.

Have a great day my lovelies!

Anna x


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