More Healthy Food Ideas

Howdy peeps!

We’re loving this healthy eating kick and trying new things (all found on All Recipes UK).

The easiest curry sauce on the planet; can of mushroom soup, 2 tbsp light mayo and 1-2tsp curry powder or paste (depending on how hot you like it- we did 2) and add meat or veg of your choice. Also it is thick enough to coat oven baked chicken (or quorn) fillets… was yummy!

Second genius recipe of the week are these muffins:

They have no added sugar, but the fruit satisfies the need for something sweet and they’re filling because they’re full of fibre. (In fact, I just had one for 11ses. 😋

You can find the recipe here:

It took a bit longer than expected but totally worth the effort.


Anna x


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