Little Women and Chinese New Year

Howdy Peeps!

Happy Chinese New Year! It is now the year of the Rat. I’m a rat myself, so yay for all the babies due… they will be fabulous; rats are strong and clever and good leaders.

Anyhoo… I promised a review of Little Women, so here goes:

The story is obviously a classic and we love it (my daughter has since bought a copy of the book in the original colour and typewriter font).

As with any classic, this isn’t the first TV or movie adaptation….but I think it may be the best! (Side Note, David Copperfield is coming soon, how didn’t I know that!?!)

Every single actress in this is brilliant, particularly Saoirse Ronan who played Jo. She was literally perfect; as feisty and emotional as you would want Jo to be. 🙂

Weird to have both Emma Watson and Meryl Streep in minor roles, but I kinda liked that. Extra weird Emma playing the maternal role, (isn’t she still the 11-year-old know-it-all on the Hogwarts Express?) but she did it well.

Marmee is my favourite character, I can totally relate to handing the new guy a muffin and treating him like family! Everything she does is a model of womanhood; she’s strong, practical, loving, giving, fun and smart. This was completely affirmed by the fact it was Laura Dern playing her ❤ (Ellie from Jurassic Park, if you don’t know). She totally does the role justice.

Weirdly, the obvious things weren’t the ones that made me cry (I won’t spoil the plot, but if you know then you know). Every time I did cry, happy or sad, was in some way connected to the elderly Mr Laurence next door. He was lovely and his grief and joy was expertly played by Chris Cooper.

Overall, a brilliant film with a bit of female feisty-ness in it. Definitely worth a watch.

Enjoy your Saturday,

Anna x

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