27th January

Yo peeps!

Happy Monday!

Today is Holocaust memorial day and I want us to pause to remember those lost and the heroes that saved so many. God bless them and their descendants.

Today should also be my baby girl’s birthday….but it’s not for another 10 days!! I remember this day so clearly, I was so convinced she wasn’t coming that we walked the mile or so to Bootle shopping centre (we lived in north Liverpool then). I did burst into tears when the bakery was out of veggie sausage rolls (yay hormones) but was otherwise an uneventful day.

Fast forward a lot of years (when did she grow up exactly??!!) And today is the start of my dad’s birthday week. My dad has always liked flamingoes, so in honour of his birthday, this is how my planner looks for the week….

Enjoy your day!

Anna x

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