Entertaining Myself

Howdy Peeps!

Firstly, Happy birthday to my dear old dad!

Secondly, apologies for the lack of blog (I genuinely thought I posted this on Wednesday… I was thinking of you all, just forgot to actually write it! Ooops!)

I went back to uni yesterday, so wasn’t expecting to post then; it was brilliant and I will post about it soon. This module is all about sustainability and fair trade and equality and how we teach all those wonderful things to present and future generations….I LOVE IT!

Anyhoo, sometime last year, the teenager and I started watching ‘How to get away with Murder’ on Netflix but never finished it. So I’ve had it on in the background whilst working. It was quite entertaining (in a Sweeney Todd kinda way) but one season was too serious and political and another was plain ridiculous (I can’t write the word ridiculous now without doing the boggart-beating in Harry Potter in my head). So I wasn’t happy and it was just getting better again, then they ended season 5 on a massive cliffhanger. We are not amused Netflix.

Having said that, I did find an entertaining spoof of Lost World called Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell in (I particularly like when he says the Rex has a walnut-sized brain and it turns and gives him a giant walnut…lol. I think Mr Rexy was offended!) and I feel dinosaur-deprived, so I may just put on Jurassic World while working… you are forgiven Netflix… Chris Pratt and Rexy would make anyone forgive. ❤

What I actually wanted to say (when I thought of this on Wednesday) is that I laughed at myself… I was working with a playlist on YouTube and I thought ‘I love this really random mix of music’ and then realised it’s my playlist! So I thought I’d share my eclectic taste with you (these are genuinely next to each other in a single playlist):

Scott and Ryceejo do amazing mashups but this is my fave because i LOVE Monsters Inc.
Buble is for life, not just for Christmas! ❤
…and last year’s addition to my fave songs… Hamilton is still the best musical I’ve ever seen! (wait for the chorus ❤ )

I did say it was ‘eclectic’!!

Enjoy your Friday! 🙂

Anna x


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