Planner theme of the Week

Howdy Peeps!

It’s my baby girl’s birthday this week! She’s not huge on parties but she is quintessentially British and loves a good cuppa and a homemade cake… thus I produced this planner theme:

Sweet, subtle and very ‘traditionally British’ sounds like my little grown up!

I don’t know how any of us got old enough for me to have a grown up daughter, but I’m loving it (and the planner inspiration for that matter)! Honestly, I say I’m old and she’s too grown up only in jest. I love having a daughter who is old enough to watch period dramas and discuss philosophy, I don’t miss looking for Barbie shoes or My Little Pony’s snorkel and flippers (yes that was a large chunk of my parenting). Tbh she would have watched period dramas and talked about the deep and meaningful at 10 (and did…regularly) but her growth in knowledge and expression make it much more vibrant now.

I love my History/Literature student… and her tea addiction! 😍

Have a fab day/week peeps!

Anna x


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