Being Honest

Howdy Peeps!

People often ask me how I do everything I do…. Wife, mum, self-employed tutor, occasional shop work, Sunday school teacher and the small detail of a Master’s degree (I didn’t include blogger because I’ve been kinda lousy at it recently…sorry).

Most weeks it’s just my normal life with planner in hand I’m busy but cheerful and people look at me and wonder… well I’m human and weeks like this happen.

I always admire YouTubers and celebs who admit when they’re struggling and dislike the ‘life’s wonderful all the time’ insta-lives. So I’m here to tell you this has been a sucky week and I’ve struggled; the thing is that juggling a lot of balls means you have a lot to drop.

Everything from struggling with work (I later found out I didn’t need to do) to unexpected car repairs, from stressed teenager to financial concerns (largely because of the car and missing a week’s work from illness).

I’m not looking for sympathy, (apart from still having this damn cough, I’m fine) I just saying we’re all human and it will be OK. Don’t put others on a pedestal (or bad-mouth them) as you don’t know how they’re doing.

Be kind. Be realistic. (Including to yourselves.)

I hope your day is as great as it can be.

God bless,

Anna x


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