A New Week and 2 New Planner Themes

Morning peeps!

I think I showed you what I got for my planner with my Christmas etsy voucher (thanks mum) but in case I didn’t (or you weren’t here then) it included these weekly pages:

So I was thinking it’s half term holidays this week so something fun and childish, the colours instantly made me think of Disney’s Inside Out.. so that’s what I did.

A simple spread using a set of official stickers found on amazon and then coloured bill and activity stickers I already had.

I’m pretty pleased with the result. I’m not normally a simple, understated person bit sometimes or makes a nice change.

The other week (for the teenager’s birthday) I did a tea and cake theme. In order to do that i used items from several sets of stickers, having plenty left over (and a desire for gingham table cloths) i created a kitchen theme:

I love the yellow gingham tape (part of a cheap set from B&M) and the little avocado set on Sunday is just adorable…I had to use it.

Rather unusually for me, I used different stickers as bullet points. This would normally freak me out as i like whole week themes but i love the cherries so much that i don’t mind.

I also just stuck this idea in next week because I had no significant dates to theme next week around but it turns out it’s pancake day that Tuesday (and Lent begins on the Wednesday) so It was an appropriate theme after all!

Happy Monday everyone!…and don’t forget to do your Random Act or Kindness today! 😊

Anna x


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