29th February

Yo Peeps!

How are we all doing on this breezy Saturday?

Several points of interest today…

Firstly, has anyone proposed or been proposed to today? I kinda like the idea (power to womankind etc) but why shouldn’t a woman propose any day? Then, I like the idea of different/special/unusual and may have been tempted if Mr.B and I were dating in a leap year (we weren’t- it was 2001/2002). However, having received a proposal it’s exciting and romantic and I’d want to be proposed to…. I’m curious really who’s brave enough to do it today, so let me know if it’s you!

Secondly, several people I know have birthdays today…happy birthday! They were saying on the radio that there is a lady in Cornwall who is technically 100 today but was having a 25th birthday party 😁🥰 how fab!

3rd thing: the sky premiere freebie yesterday was Godzilla: king of the titans…. I’m still processing whether or not I liked it, I know the nuclear glowing animals are tongue-in-cheek and the plot somewhat predictable, but I’m fine with cheesy sci-fi…. I’ll think on it and do a proper review.

Lastly, I discovered a new word this week in my studies and I want it to be my life motto! So i just have to share it with you:

Enjoy your Saturday. 💜

Anna x

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