Please stop!

Howdy peeps

Not the intended post for today but I have to talk to you about something… please stop with the panic-buying already!

I went to sainsbury’s earlier and they are literally paying overtime to half the staff to restock. It looked like this…

Gaps are the anti bacterial ones

Firstly, it’s unnecessary if you have clean habits anyway.

Secondly, coronavirus is an airborne virus, so anti-bacterial stuff will have a limited effect.

Thirdly, and most importantly, there are people who actually need this stuff…. chemo patients for example who have little to no immunity cannot risk having no anti-bac stuff as they are prone to life-threatening levels of infection, but they can’t get it if we all buy 20 each. Please be considerate!

Also, petrol prices dipped the other day and people rushed to fill up (as they do before a price rise)… up or down, at some point you will have to pay the new price; carry on as normal….please!

Lastly, if you know anyone who is elderly or in a high risk category, please check they’ve got what they need.

Thank you.

Anna x


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