Not Planning my Monday

Howdy peeps!

If you’ve been here a while you may have realised I love my planner.

This last weekend was so crazy I didn’t get to plan this week until yesterday evening! So here is this week’s plan, a theme very close to my heart: March is Ovarian cancer awareness month.

Teal is the ribbon colour for reproductive issues, I originally bought the teal checklists and stickers for PCOS day in September, but wanted to show my support now too.
None of us has had ovarian cancer, but it is a higher risk in PCOS (which I do have) and have spoken to many brave souls through forums who were being treated or had overcome ov. Cancer.
I bought some teal stickers from Anna Brimbles (she does YouTube, etsy and her own website), printed some ribbons and butterflies from google and used stickers I already had… then I found a LOT of pens, pagemarkers and other accessories in appropriate colours 😁 (you know me, any excuse for a dinosaur)

I also really loved these quote printouts…please fight like girls for this good cause, wear teal and show the love these awesome warriors need.

Anna x


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