What to Say?

Hello Peeps,

I was going to talk about Disney and Pixar today, but it seems a little insensitive when they are closing parks down for the longest period in their history… some Disney parks will be closed until at least the end of this month. They have never closed for this long, not after earthquakes or terrorist threats or anything, so I guess they’re working through this like the rest of us.

We’re told not to panic and be selfish, but people seem to still be doing so…please try to stay rational. Sadly, a lot of people wanting to stock up and needing basics are finding empty shelves or can’t afford the brands that are left.

I went to Morrison’s on Thursday and it was like Christmas week…the only toilet rolls left were like £4 Andrex ones. If someone is elderly and living on a pension, unemployed or on a low income for any number of reasons then they can’t afford to stock up on branded items.

We are sometimes one of those families, because I’m self-employed (only earning during term-time), our income fluctuates quite a lot. So I am used to stocking up and finding deals and making things last, but this may be a new experience for some, so I thought I’d give you some practical advice.

  1. Plan ahead: check what you’ve got and what you need. Don’t just ram every shelf into your cart.
  2. Think bulk: Buy a week or 2’s worth of pasta, rice,noodles, potato products. You can get a lot of meals from not very much money and they will be filling too.
  3. Stock up on staples and ingredients, not crazy stockpiling, just make sure you have essentials like tissues, pet food, shampoo and flour.
  4. Learn something new: Freezer foods and store cupboard foods do not mean dry, bland or processed: You can freeze almost anything… I recommend checking out Fun, Cheap or Free on YouTube for freezing tips.

Along similar lines, learn new recipes and cheap meals. Try The Simplified Saver or Frugal Fit Mom on YouTube.

For those of you that are working as well as preparing, try this video I found earlier… 2 weeks’ meal prep in 2 hours!

Please stay calm, be sensible and think of others…my thoughts and prayers are with you peeps, stay safe: You got this!

Anna x


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