Peace, Calm and Positivity

Howdy Peeps!

There’s lots of doom and gloom around Coronavirus, but I want us all to take a moment to see the positives…so if you need cheering up, keep reading.

  1. We’re working with other nations- communicating and planning and seeking a solution
  2. Communities are pulling together- small businesses are adapting, people who need help are getting it (and not embarrassed to ask). I’m so proud of Bude!
  3. Families are home together, with time to relax, time to play, time to talk and cook proper meals to eat together.
  4. We’re learning- the Victorian style of teaching we have stuck to has to change; there are new resources and skills to learn in a new way.
  5. The planet is healing… there are no cars on the huge (usually jammed) motorways of Asia, the waterways are clearer and we’re not going to be able to buy throw-away clothes and snack packets and such… just look at these pictures!

Stay safe. Be sensible, generous and positive. We still have good days ahead.

Anna x


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