Monday Stuff

Hello Peeps,

Happy Ravenclaw Pride Day! Harry Potter fans will understand the joy of being house-sorted; my daughter and I both turned out to be Ravenclaws, #blueandbronze forever! 😁🦅💙

I’m trying to keep some semblance of normality, so (despite having no lessons) I have still filled my planner with a Noah’s Ark theme so I can use lots of rainbow colours and cute animal stickers.

This is all stuff I had already because we’re budgeting pretty carefully, but I want to keep using my planner.

I chose some planner themes right at the start on the year, but it seems appropriate at the moment. The rainbow is a symbol of hope in Noah’s story. Also, a lot of people are putting rainbows in their windows for children to spot while exercising or from their own homes… spread some joy.

Have a good day,

Anna x


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