An Idiot’s Guide to Pantry Cooking

Howdy Peeps,

I’m the idiot 🙋‍♀️ I’ve been making a broccoli rice casserole for years (I think I saw it on Moneysaving Mom originally). Brilliant for times like these when we want to make the food last.

I was just gonna give you the recipe, coz it’s easy and cheap but then realised the ton of variations you can do with it. So here we go…

This particular version is as follows:

4 portions cooked rice

2 Chicken breasts, cooked and shredded or diced (your preference) -or 2 Quorn fillets/third of a bag of pieces for the vegetarians

large handful of broccoli florets (these were fresh but frozen is fine)

Cream of mushroom soup (I used about 3/4 of a tin, but do it to just cover the ingredients)

I cooked the rice and chicken from scratch, so about 30 minutes, but if using leftovers this is literally a 5 minute wonder.

Put cooked rice and cold/raw/frozen veg into a small casserole dish (think mine is 6×9″) and mix… you can either add your meat now or when serving (which is what I did because half was chicken and the other half Quorn)… stir in enough soup to coat the ingredients…. top as required (breadcrumbs, cheese, spices or seasonings (some people add curry or tumeric to the soup for a bit of spice,but you don’t have to)… put it on bottom shelf of a 180C oven for 10-15 minutes until it is thoroughly heated and the veg is tender….enjoy!

Great for using up leftovers, like the night after tortillas/tacos and it’s freezable (at the stage where the soup is mixed in, put foil over the dish and freeze it… cook with foil on so the rice doesn’t burn).

You can use literally any cooked meat (if it’s not hot, make sure it is thoroughly heated in oven) we’ve used shredded pork, chicken, cooked sausage..all sorts.

Rice can be substituted for couscous or quinoa or just about any other cooked grains or possibly even pulses. (Although I’ve never tried that as we eat a lot of Chinese/Indian/Mexican-style food so there’s often rice left over.)

Frozen or fresh broccoli can be substituted for and peas or green beans, or par-boiled carrots.

So you get the idea… grains, veg, meat and soup…make something yummy out of leftover pantry staples.

Let me know your version… enjoy!

Anna x


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