Easter week

Howdy Peeps,

Firstly, please remember to pray for Boris, Carrie and their unborn baby.

So this week is Easter week (which seems weird when we’ve been home 3 weeks already).

Therefore, I thought I’d share my somewhat predictable planner theme.

The puffy chick stickers are from a year or 2 ago when poundworld closed, the pastel checklists and busy dragons I owned already and the flowers and butterflies are from a Toymaster 2 for Β£1 sticker set. My favourite thing is my love bunnies clip from plannerhead, 😍 I’ve been waiting since valentine’s day to get it out again (and may keep it out for next week’s theme)… it will totally get to come out again for our anniversary in August too!

I have also put a few items of decor around the house and in the window to make people smile as they go past.

How are you preparing for this quiet Easter?

God bless,

Anna x


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