Being Positive

Howdy Peeps!

A lot of people are complaining that they can’t do the things they usually do (which is dumb because it’s keeping everyone safe) so I thought I’d give you a positive spin on it all:

  1. The sun is shining. This is an opportunity to clean up the yard, dry laundry without using electricity, wash the car or even out my tan lines by doing paperwork in the garden. We are still currently allowed out for exercise, so exercise (within safety guidelines of course).
  2. Indoors with a different workload. Great! My time is more flexible, I have time to cook and eat sensibly, I have time to do those silly jobs I’ve been meaning to do since last spring… fill the hole in the skirting, sort my laundry to donate, deep clean, binge watch that show or film everyone recommends.
  3. With the family 24/7. I love it, we have time doing separate things and stuff together; we’ve studied and watched movies (I’m going to do a recommendations list for you soon) and had late-night talks (the best kind) and kept in touch with those we love.
  4. Trying new things. A lot of companies are trying new ways to serve, individuals are being more creative and people are learning new things. This is also a great time for self-care… with that in mind I’m going to use this time to change my skincare routine and practice some make-up skills. (If I end up looking like a sick panda, only my hubby and daughter have to witness it!) The teenager was tempted to cut her own hair the other day, she watched a YouTuber cut theirs and they said if they screwed it up it’d grow out in the 12+ weeks before she sees her friends again…she has a point!
  5. Time to spend doing nothing. Hobbies like reading or listening to music, just enjoy yourself. Walking the dog was always a chore to me after a long day at work, but now I look forward to it. In fact, with a nervous dog it’s great because it’s much quieter and less people around.

Remember there’s always a positive if you look for it.

Have a great day! Stay safe.

Anna x


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