Getting through Coronavirus with Disney

Howdy Peeps,

A couple of weeks ago I was watching J House Vlogs (I’m sure you already know I’m a fan. They are a very musical family and often have music on while working and such.. Kendra (the mum) said they were listening to “When will my life begin” from Tangled and pointed out we’re all feeling a bit like Rapunzel at the moment; stuck inside doing the same things each day.

It made me smile, we certainly get through a lot of Disney films and songs in this house!

It made me realise that every time I hear people talk about ‘after the virus’ I think of “Human again” from Beauty and the Beast (Disclaimer: For those of you who saw the original release in the early 90s, this song was cut from video due to run-time but was reintroduced with the digital remastering)

However, when I sang “When we’re human again” to my daughter she was expecting me to sing “When we’re huma” from The Princess and the Frog… as it’s one of our fave films, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to put it in here:

Feel free to sing either at people waiting for the lockdown to be over, although Naveen’s party doesn;t sound so irrational an hedonistic now….just saying. 😉

While we’re on the subject of The Princess and the Frog, there is another covid-fighting song in there: ‘Dig a little Deeper’ is both about working through the tough stuff and about finding out what really matters (and is totally the best song in a film where there are no bad songs…YAY!)

If you got Mama Odie’s point, then you’ll know this time needs to be spent loving people around you…which leads nicely to my favourite Pixar film and the incredible voice of John Goodman as Sully…

So dig deep, keep working, show love and stay safe!

Anna x


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